discipleship in the community

Parents and relatives of the schoolkids (lowest caste):


It is very important for us to see families unite. Orphan's often grow up with Aunt's or Grandparent's and families are often marked by alcohol, HIV, unemployment, passivity of Mother's, absence of the Father's and violence.


As a result of seeing God's love and the Kingdom lifestyle, many parents become believers and their lives change in a positive way. They receive help from the pastor and his wife in the village as counselling and discipleship is important - healthy relationships and community are a key part of God's Kingdom.  


In the beginning there were 50% Hindu's, 30% Muslims and only 20% Christians, but after only one year they are almost all going to Church and most have given their life to Jesus. Kishore helped the men to find work in the rice factory and the women get schooled to sew by our special ladies - in the future we want to start small farms with chicken and buffalo. 


Reg.Nr.: 1723/2018



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