Children camps



Children in India often have to work from a young age and parents do not have the money to buy notebooks or school uniform, and therefore cannot send their kids to school. Begging, prostitution and human trafficking is common (the value of humans in Hinduism worldview is totally different than in the Christian Kingdom worldview), and therefore kids are robbed of their childhood and some have a hard time to trust again.  


Kids camps help to give back their childhood for a weekend or more. They learn how much God loves them and how precious they are - they also learn biblical truths. Together they laugh, play games, paint, draw, eat meals, sing, play drama's and walk through the village shouting "Jesus love us all!"

Neighbours are always coming out of their house and wondering what is going on - that provides a huge opportunity to tell them about our king, Jesus. 


Reg.Nr.: 1723/2018


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