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Medical Camps:


Medical treatment is mainly in the lowest caste (dalits) on the countryside. Therefore we conduct medical camps in places according to God's guidance, where we will have one doctor that will treat 250-300 people with simple medicine each evening. 

People of all religions are welcome and Kishore or the pastor will lay hands on them and pray for healing in the tent. Many Muslims and Hindu's accept Jesus as their personal saviour because of miraculous healing - some said "I prayed to all Gods and sacrificed for them, but only your Jesus healed me. I realise He is the only God". 

Often people get completely healed, receive deliverance and freedom from curses, mental problems and many are made well even when the doctor is hopeless about their situation. 

Our Lord is a loving Father, His nature is good and He loves to bless His children. 


Reg.Nr.: 1723/2018


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