the Church - Bride of Jesus

The church and Jesus' Disciples:

God is the only one who is worthy to be praised! We seek His presence in our church services and while we give ourselves to Him, He gives everything to us. 


In India it is legal to preach the gospel within the Church and its so important to support the believers and to give them spiritual nutrition and fellowship. Due to high levels of persecution in India, over and over again Hindu's attack pastors and destroy the Church inventory. Believers are sometimes beaten and humiliated but they don't give up because they have found real life in Jesus. 


India is the 10th country of "most persecuted Christians in the world" but the Church of Christ is growing. SINAI helps to support the Church by visiting pastors, counselling leaders, praying for them and from time to time Kishore will share a sermon too. It's also important for us that we connect the different pastors and leaders and build a network between them. 


Pastors education and training:

Many people of the lowest caste are not able to read or write and therefore some pastors are unable to read their bible. Most of them though have a deep relationship with God the Father and know the Holy Spirit very well, who talks to them. According to Gods guidance, SINAI educates and equips pastors. In this training they learn about the Word of God and grow in discipleship - the gathering also helps to connect and build up the pastors. 



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