Plastic business - start in November 2019

In September 2019 we could find two ladies. Their mens are working on the fields but still their income in very very low. 

The Idea was to start a plastic business. To bye plastic products for less money from a company and sell it in the villages for a little more money.


So we invested 100€. And within 3 months they should pay SINAI back. But the theory didnt work out well. 


The ladies took the money and told us: Our kids are hungry we had to bye food for them. So all the money is gone. We as SINAI family were shocked and talk to them about trust and a honest mindset. "If you need anything, you have to ask, but not steal."


Many times in the develompent work in poor nations we find this mindset and culture of poverty.



They came and apologised for not following the honest way of Christ. They told that they still want to start the business. We accepted the apology and at the 8th of November 2019 we did start the plastic-business.


With no more financial investment and the same requirements than before. SINAI could help them to bye the products from the company, plan the business, set all the important conditions. 


And now the business was started.  :-) 

Goats business - start in November 2019

Since the beginning of the year we talk about the goats project. A goat has many, many adventages. One goat is something around 70-100€.


So we did find an awesome donater from Germany. She donated 5 goats for 5 families (every family one goat).

Its not only a financial income (Milk and baby goats), but it also helps the families to support each other and the community. One mom will go with the goats today and the other moms will take care for her kids and cook. The next day its the other way around. 


They goats are still owned by SINAI. But every baby and the milk can be selled (privat income) or used for breeding (ownership).



We are very happy to got the goats business started.   :-)

Second SINAI Outreach in August 2019

Reinhard and Lisa came to visit in June 2019

Reinhard and Lisa Häring are main people in the SINAI Organisation. They stayed for two weeks in June 2019 with SINAI India. Together with Kandikatti family, they visited churches and our community.

There are videos about the testomonies, they will be added soon.

little baby is healed

She came to the medical camp with her smal boy. That boy was not feeling well and was very sick. When she came to the medical camp. The doctor gave her medicine. But she still searched for prayer. Lisa prayed for the boy. Now we can see he is very healthy and he is playing joyfully. 

The mother truly believe he is healed from God. Praise God almighty.

knee and stomache pain went away

She came with her knee full in pain and her legs were always very tired. When she went to the medical camp, the first thing what she did was, she want to get prayer from Reinhard and Lisa. They both prayed together for her. And now she feels so much better. 


She said: "Please lets have so much more medical camps in future."

Thank you so much

old lady wrist is healed after searching everywhere for help

A old lady broke her hand a few weeks ago, she went to the local doctor and they treated her. But still she had terrible pain in her wrist on the right hand. She went to many hospitals but nobody could help her. 

Than she came to the medical camp. Reinhard prayed for her. Now she feels so much better. There is no pain any more. And she can move much more. 


She thanked God for sending Reinhard and Lisa. And all the praise belongs to God.  

healed from fever and sickness

The lady is happy to stand again in her smal shop. On the day of our medical camp she had high fever and strong bodypains. She was very sick that she thought she can not get up from the bed. 


But she stood up anyway and came to the camp. Doctor treated her and than she asked for prayer. She remember very well that Lisa prayer for her. For few days she took the medicine but she was healed already. She is so happy now. 

mother and daughter in law are healed

The lady told us two testomonies. The ladie came to the medical camp with many leg and body pains. She took the medicine for two days and asked for prayer. Lisa prayed for her. When she was at home she felt the relieve. But that was an unusual relieve. She didn´t feel that for many years. 

She is very well now. Thank God!!


The second testimony: She kept the medicine for her daughter in law. She was very ill and very sick for long time. She went to many hospitals but nobody could help her. No doctor could find a reason for her sickness. But the mother in law took the medicine from the camp and brought to her. Than they both came to receive prayer. Reinhard and Lisa both prayed passionated for them.

Now she is healed completely. She is so happy. She said: Praise God for bringing Reinhard and Lisa to our village. God is soo good."

older lady got touched

Lady had strong back and nack pain, also her leg hurt so much. She came to the medical camp and asked for prayer. She is so thankful for everything. Because she feel such a difference. She keep saying: "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please come back again and again. It´s so useful. Thanks for all the prayer." 

healed from gastric problems and body pain

She came with many gastric problems and lot of bodypains. Doctor gave her drugs and sirup. Reinhard prayed for her a lot. And now she said: "I am perfectely healed. Thank you Reinhard for taking that time, for coming here and praying for me and thank you Jesus for healing me."

nerve pains is healed and she can move and work again

She came with lot of nerve pains in her leg to the camp. The nerve system was damaged (said the doctor) an gave her much bodypain.

Reinhard prayed for her. Now she testifies that she can move and walk and gain so much strenght and can work bye herself. 

All the glory belongs to our Lord Jesus.

little girl healed

Her mom took her to the medical camp. She had a very bad cold. The doctor gave her medicine and she went to Reinhard for prayer. 

Reinhard layed hands on her and prayed and she feels healed now. 

God loves to love us.

first sinai Outreach in april 2019

lady healed from failed spine surgery

In our special community is a lady. She had a bad damage on her spine. She went to the government hospital and received a surgery for free. But the doctor failed. She was forced to lay in the bed for many months. Her little son who is in SINAI primary school cared for her, washed her and brought her food. She and her son were in a very bad situation.


In April we (Kishore, Sara, Lisa and Eva) went for minisry to that village. We could distribute wheelchairs for disabled persons. But we also prayed for her and laid our hands on her to pray to Jesus to heal her.


After a few weeks a message received us: Now she is able to sit up and soo happy. By faith and the power of the Holy Spirit she will walk without any help and recover perfectly. 


In June they made a video from her how she was feeling now. Now she sits in front of her house and can be part of the daily life. Her son is smiling. 


lady healed from bad eyesight

One lady was suffering from bad eyesight. She was not able to recognize things and had to guess what is right before her. Since a few months it got really worse. 


Sara prayed for her. While she prayed the lady saw a big light shining in her eyes. She was not sure what this light was. When she went home it started that she could see the things very clear. She checked herself by trying to read the bible. Without any glasses she could read the bible very good and she tried to see far away. She can see everything perfectly. 


Praise the Lord God almighty. He healed her completely.

lady lost three sons

Because of many bad circumstances this lady lost her three sons. She was hurt so badly and could not find peace. Several times she tried to commit suicide. But then she came to receive prayer.


In SINAI outrach Lisa prayed for her. She really felt a strong love coming upon her and she knew its God. Now she is so glad that she not only know but also feel that God loves her so much. Now she only want to live for God and give him her whole life. She also asked the pastor to serve by cleaning the church.


God is so much stronger than what the enemy could ever take away. 

special woman healed from pain in her foot and back

She used to have pain in her ankle and her back. When we visit her we listen to her testimony how God transformed her. And how she came to SINAI woman descipleship project.


Sister Lisa prayed for her after she shared. The lady got healed completely and she thanked God for touching her. 

She also was so thankful for the medicine camp we could conduct. She said thankfully she got the right medicine.

lady healed from back pain

She said she had back pain for a long time and when the SINAI team prayed for her she got completely relief from all pain. "Now I am healed!" she is rejoicing.

back pain got better

Lady with many kids came to the prayer, after the Baptist church service. She told us about her back pain. During the prayer the pain got lighter. She was very happy about this relief 

diabetes, legpain and bad eyes condition healed

A lady came after the church service to receive prayer. She suffered from diabetes. Her venes were already very bad and her eyesight got worse. 


Kishore asked Lisa to pray for her.  After a long prayer Lisa told her that she is so valuable and she is so needed. And God want to touch her and heal her completely. 


God made her completely new eyes. Afterwards she testified: She saw a strong light. This light passed through her whole body. Now she has no legpain anymore and she is sure that God healed her completely from diabetes melitus.  

most of her daily life she was sick

"I was sick for the most time in my life" she told us. 


When she came to the medical camp she received very useful medicine and was thankful for that. But she went to Eva and asked for prayer. God touched her with his divine kiss.


After few weeks the message received us: Now she is healed and not sick anymore.  

healed from kidney stones

A very strong pain in her kidney was always with her and the doctor said its a kidney stone.


She came to the public church service and afterwards she came for prayer. During the prayer she felt the pain leaving her body. The pain did never come back and when she was tested from the doctor he could not find any kidney stones.


Praise the lord for his touch.

older man with diabetes got soo touched

After the Baptist church service a man came to us and he looked bitter. He asked for prayer because his diabetes. Eva prayed with much passion for him. When we found a translator we asked: "Did you feel any shift?" God touched him differently. He was not healed from the diabetes, but he told: "I felt such a encounter with the holy Spirit, he really touched my heart." He looked so happy, shining and so touched afterwords.  

Praise Jesus

alcoholic man wants to grow in discipleship and wants to be baptized

After the service in the Baptist church he came and asked for prayer because his liver is so damaged from alcohol. His liver was very big and we could see it on his stomage. When he became a christian he stopped drinking but his body is still damaged.

During prayer Sara got the impression to ask him about his faith. We asked him: "Did you gave your life fully to the Lord?" and he said "Hm, not fully." After a longer talk he was sure to ask the pastor about a discipleship and bible training and then he want to think about being baptized. 


What a great joy in heaven.

second big encounter with the Holy Spirit

That lady had such a strong encounter with the Holy Spirit in August 2017 when LIsa, Andreas and Sara came to India. 


But now in April 2019 while she was praying during the church service with her eyes closed. She felt the same encounter with God. She is so thankful that she came in front to share this with all.


God just blessed her heart during her worship and adoration time. God loves to pour out his Spirit upon them who prepared their heart.

healed from numbness of the right bodypart

Few days back she went to the hospital because the whole right side of her body got numb. The doctor said you might get a paralysis/stroke.


She came to the church service with a longing for God. While she praised God during  the worship time, she saw a big volume of water. The whole water flow on her head. Her whole body was shaking. 


After the prayer and worship time she realized that there is no numbness anymore. It left her completely.


She is soo happy. She is healed.

man got healed from a very bad headache


This man had a bad headache for such a long time, that he stopped counting the years. This man looked tormented.


During the prayer time God touched many people. We walked through the lines and prayed over the people.


This man didn´t see Sara praying for him because she stood behind him. But he felt something leaving his head. And all the pain were gone.


He is so thankful and he is sharing his testimony everywhere. 

God hears our prayers (End of 2018)

This small boy was diagnosed in the medical camp with blood in his urine. The doctor thought its kidney stones and for a while he could use medicine from our SINAI doctor for free. But after some time the situation had not changed at all. We prayed a lot and when the doctor examined him he told us "this boy is completely healthy, nothing is wrong with his health - he is completely healed."

Since this moment he had no more blood in his urine. 




In November 2018, the whole ladies project moved to the community near to the school. Our teacher from the sewing machine project started to teach the woman of the community and the woman of the higher caste how to stitch and sew indian dresses and clothes. Thats a big step in connecting our community with the village citizen. At the same time it´s good to bring our ladies slowely back into the society, after they lived for 13 months on a save place far away fom men.

10 Orphans get new clothes - September 2018

In September 2018 we had a meeting in "Hoflicht" next to Memmingen (Germany), in a village called Lauben. Many faithful Christians came together and in a Skype meeting Kishore told us about the situation in the primary school in India. 

Orphans can't afford clothes and wear the same clothes for a long time. Clothes are very important in Indian culture, it tells a lot about identity, caste system and default. Diseases are dangerous for people with HIV and even more common for people with low hygiene condition. 


God touched the heart of one German Father who paid for every single one of the Orphan's new clothing - this means so much in Indian culture, society and for their health. All glory belongs to our God!




Communtity integration in the small town

January 2018 till April 2019

The farming land arround the community and the school was not fruitful at all. Cotton, rice and chilli did not grow very well. Landlords had to bye lots of expensive seeds and the harvest was very little. Because of the drouth the little plants dried out the farmers had to bye new and expensive seeds. After a while they stopped farming bacause they got deeper and deeper in debts.

Some people of the community went out of the fields and prayed to Jesus to bless the land to be fruitful again.

In April 2019 we saw the miracle... not only that the farmer cultivated the land again. But also they saw the faith of the community. The landlords saw that not only regugees came into their village, but with them also God moved in. Now we see landlord houses next to slumhut and they all life together as one group. Thats the kigdom!! Over all culture and casts - Jesus reigns!!

School start in Oktober 2017

This is our wonderful Pastor Samuel and his wife Keerthana

God hears every single prayer - September 2017

In September 2017, a whole slum community was chased away from their homes in Sattenapalle. They settled on a property that was owned by a Hindu, but he decided to sell the property and they became refugees almost overnight. 

Kishore asked many village leaders for a place where the slum residents could settle and find a new home, but nobody was willing to receive the refugees in their village.


Pastor D and his wife Keerthana answered immediately: when Kishore asked they could come in their town. They had been praying for some time for God to give them children, but until now she was never able to get pregnant. Today, Keerthana works in the SINAI primary school as a teacher and the couple tells us "we prayed to God for kids and today we are so happy and have over 150 kids".  The kids are always around the pastors home and they have become the spiritual mother and father to these kids. 

God provides even with good christian teacher

In Oktober 2017 we started a primary health care school. Its based on christian values. Our hope is to break through the cast system, with education as a better expectation and Jesus Christ in our centre.


So we needed christian teacher. Kishore and the prayer houses prayed again and again. And than the miracle happend: It knockt on kishores door. Two persons asked: "Sir we are teacher, but because of our christian believe we don´t want to teach any longer hindu religion on hindu schools. Do you know any work for us?"

It´s so engouraging. God will show the way, as we go. He will provide for everything...  


In the beginning were 90 Kids, they were very shy and afraid of us. But trust was built and our 2 teacher and principal Keerthana did a wonderful job.

Testimonies from Family outreach in August 2017

Testimonies from the community

Hope for the hopeless - Februar 2017

This woman was raped many times by her husband. Her husband and her Father in law pushed her into prostitution and she suffered intense physical violence, bone fractures and was paralysed from the hip down. As a result, she became useless to her husband and his family and was chased out of the house and made homeless. 


The pastor and his wife built her a hut and during a medical camp in February 2017 Kishore found this treasured woman. She was very emaciated and the area where her hut stood smelt terrible. Kishore talked to the pastor in this village and they prayed together - his wife brings food to her everyday, and this was all possible because of faithful people in Germany supporting. 




NEW LIFE for Kejiya in June 2016

Her mother died when she was younger than 16 years old and out of deep grief, her Father became an alcoholic. Her dad spent most the time out the house and she was left alone. He would return in the night completely drunk, thinking his daughter was his wife and raping her almost every night. 

She developed panic attacks and couldn't sleep - every night she was full of fear that her Dad would come home and rape her again. The neighbours heard the screaming at night and tried to talk to the Father again and again, but he was not willing to listen.


The pastors wife would talk to her because the girl was afraid of all men, so it was only women that would talk and care for her. Her Father one day came and tried to destroy the Church, he wanted to take his daughter home with him again. Kishore and Neelima asked for help and the young lady, completely afraid, was taken to Hyderabad and found refuge in Kandikatti's house. Kishore moved out because the girl was too afraid to live in the same house as a man. 


After a lot of counselling we could find a new home for her, a safe place to heal where her soul could find refuge, and donations meant that all her fees were covered. When Lisa, Andreas and Sara came to India in August 2017, she was already growing in discipleship and God had healed her heart so much. In 2018 her wish to get married was fulfilled. Because of our loving Father in heaven, hearts in Germany were softened and people were full of compassion and enabled her to have a future. 


2019: sadly her marriage is not happy. Her husband is not faithful. People in village put a lot of pressure on her, but its hard for her to speak with vulnerability to her husband.


So please pray for her and a good solution.


God is for us not against us - January 2016

She was in the worst situation and thinking of committing suicide, which nobody knew until God revealed it whilst we were praying for her. She lost her husband two months earlier to alcohol and he left the 20 year old woman and a baby girl behind. She came to the medical camp to drop her baby, but after we finished the church service she came and asked if we could pray for her. As Kishore began praying, God clearly showed him that she was thinking of suicide and once he had finished praying he asked her "why do you want to kill yourself when your life is not yours? Because God has said your body is His temple and He wants to live in you. God has given you a beautiful baby - maybe your husband left you and died for no reason, but Jesus died for you with a great reason. He died to show you that he loves you more than anyone loves you - please think about that and spend time in prayer and seek Him while you read the bible". 


She was so shocked that God revealed her plans to Kishore, but she decided to reach out to God and she received new hope! Today she is happy and married again - her husbands treats the child as his own and she continues to grow in discipleship. 


Reg.Nr.: 1723/2018



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